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Three Things To Do In Seville on a 20-Something’s Budget

the three things you must do in seville

Are you heading to Seville, Spain? Then you’re in luck as I’ve prepared a list of three things to do in Seville:

<img src="image.jpg" alt="alcazar gardens" title="three things to do in seville"/>

Alcazar gardens.

Three Things to do In Seville

  1. Alcazar: This former royal fortress is very influenced by its Muslim background. The wall tiles and shapes of the doorways speak to its rich history. I loved wandering through the courtyard gardens. These gardens are exactly what I envision living in a palace to be like. They feature beautiful walkways coupled with ambient fountains. In addition, they do offer reduced rates for students with an ID card. Be careful though, it is only for students under the age of 25 years old and they do check both student ID and regular ID.
  2. Plaza de Espana: Words cannot describe how stunning this place is. The architecture doesn’t even look real. Do not miss this breathtaking sight. The stone is chiseled to such perfection that it looks like it could be a drawing. The pictures are underwhelming compared to the real building.
  3. Take in a Flamenco Show: Seville is known for Flamenco, as such it would be tragic not to see a show here. We found that most hour long Flamenco shows cost about 15-20 euros. However, we managed to find a place called Taverna Casa del Volapie which hosts a free show lasting about 20 minutes. The restaurant serves mainly tapas. Which of course are wonderful and the atmosphere was buzzing with life. Equally important, the show was captivating.  I recommend getting there early because it does get quite full. Who doesn’t love a free show? Jess tried to ask our server if she spoke English and was given a bottle of water. Therefore, we feel it was safe to say she did not speak English.

<img src="image.jpg" alt="plaza de espana" title="Plaza De Espana"/>

There is no picture that will do the Plaza de Espana justice.

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