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What is Quarter Life Thriving?

Hello! I am Arielle. I launched Quarter Life Thriving to help young adults navigate life. A quarter-life crisis is often characterized by feelings of uncertainty or confusion coupled with a desire to do something crazy or run-away. Buzzfeed accurately sums it up in multiple posts including this one. Quarter Life Thriving is all about taking those feelings of crisis and turning them into thriving. If you have ever felt lost or confused about which direction to take then you’ll fit right in here. Each of my posts on lifestyle aim to contain questions to ask yourself or steps that you can take to start thriving in your life. Check out this post here for questions to ask yourself when searching for a job.

One of my favourite ways to thrive in life is to travel and adventure so you may notice lots of travel advice on places I’ve visited throughout my site. Each of my posts on travel aims provide you with a sense of inspiration for your own life. Check out this post here for some tips on creating a bucket list for life.

Quarter Life Thriving was inspired by my own feelings of quarter life crisis. Instead of letting these feelings overwhelm me I’ve decided to take action and help connect other twenty-somethings to ways of combating feelings of crisis. Some of my main topics are travel, the quarter life crisis, finances, happiness, and lifestyle.

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Whistler BC hosts one of Canada’s best bungee jumps.

Now, who am I really?

Well, my name is Arielle and I am a mid-twenty something who doesn’t quite know which direction to take my life. Not to mention that at many points throughout my twenties I have felt like I am having a quarter-life crisis. My society has provided me with a standard set of goals. These include settling down, buying a house, getting married and having kids. But my heart says pack a suitcase and traipse the world. Or at the very least, live life to the fullest on my own terms.

Countries Visited: Spain, England, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Tunisia, Finland, Turkey, America, Jamaica, The Bahamas and of course my home country is Canada.

Hobbies: Reading (I recently started a book club amongst my oldest friends), traveling, and writing. Actually, as a matter of fact, I’m still working on finding my hobbies and passions in life.

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